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    Hacienda Muñoz was founded in 1999 by Mr. Hector Muñoz and his mother, Mrs. Lydia Martinez (Yiya). Their love for authentic Puerto Rican food led them to open the doors of Yiya's Restaurant.

    In the experience of visiting Yiya's Restaurant you will find a variety of traditional foods in a different, relaxed and away from the noise of the city environment. Our facilities and bohemian live music, will provide those much-cherished moments you are looking for in San Lorenzo, Puerto Rico.

    Hacienda Muñoz also offers the experience of Amanda's Wood. With a retro and full of music memorabilia touch, we serve 10Lbs burgers for group sharing. Once a year we do a couples burger eating contest. It is an activity frequented by many for the friendly atmosphere that is enjoyed while waiting, in the hope that some of the couples complete the challenge. To date, no one has taken the prize.

    If you want to feel like visiting an old coffee plantation, Doppio Coffee Bar is the experience you are looking for. Enjoy the smells of coffee roasting while sipping a good cup of Hacienda Muñoz coffee, next to one of the artisan breads sandwiches from our menu. Sit on the terrace overlooking the countryside and enjoy the sight of our beautiful royal peacocks.

    We invite you to spend a day at Hacienda Muñoz. Have breakfast at Doppio Coffee Bar and relax your mind while enjoying the quiet countryside. Lunch at Yiya's Restaurant and savor the authentic Puerto Rican food. Close the day enjoying the 10lbs burger in Amanda's Wood and share it with your group.

    You will spend the day in Hacienda Muñoz and not notice the nightfall. You’ll not want to leave and we assure you’ll come back to visit us very soon.

    Every year, during the first week of November, we go on and beyond to celebrate our Puerto Rican culture at Hacienda Muñoz. Groups of artisans, farmers and troubadours gather in the grounds of the hacienda to share and enjoy together the "Hacienda Muñoz Cultural Festival", which has become a tradition for more than nine years.

    Be part of this experience and enjoy the end of the festival with the troubadour's competition.

    Learn, share, relax...

    Hacienda Muñoz
    San Lorenzo, Puerto Rico

    We invite you to visit our online shop where you can get Hacienda Muñoz merchandise and our variety of coffee.